Hammock Color Grid - Click Here!

We have a vast array of colours, which are constantly changing. We always have at least 50 colours and combinations for the Hang Out chair hammocks. They are available in single colours, or two colours interwoven.
Choose your two colours by clicking on the colour grid at left. A new larger window will pop up and
allow you to pick the colours by using the grid.
The best way to order any of our products is to call the shop on our toll free number during business hours (10 am to 6 pm PST) daily. That way, we can home in on your ideal color choice(s), and process the order there and then.
We ship by UPS across Canada and the U.S.A.
Shipping price is currently $30 Canadian for one Chair or Mayan Hammock, or $35 Canadian for two, sent to the same address.
The Spreader Bar Hammocks ship for slightly more. Call for current rates.

We accept Visa, Master Card or American Express, and normal shipping time is 7 - 10 days from receipt of order to delivery.

For further details: call Toll-Free 866-623-3477



Wholesale inquiries: Contact us by e-mail
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