portable hammock chair
Our chair hammocks are hand loomed with fine gauge nylon twine, tightly woven in the style of the traditional Mayan hammocks from the Yucatan peninsula in Southern Mexico. Each one takes several days to make, and we use only the best weavers available. As such, our supply is finite, but our shop is open year round, and we do a thriving mail order business throughout North America.

The harness bars are made locally in Vancouver using hardwood maple dowel, dipped with two coats of marine varnish to give a weatherproof finish.

Each chair is supplied with a suspension kit --- either hooks and chain --- sufficient to hang the chair from a ceiling joist in the house or on a covered balcony/deck, or an 8-foot length of braided nylon rope and a snap-link, suitable for use over a tree branch, exposed beam, swing set, or lamp post --- anything that can safely hold the weight. (This would be the kit of choice for using the chair on a sailboat, either from the end of the boom, or from the halyard) (see the photos in our gallery).

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