One of the beauties of a hammock is that, armed with a length of rope and a little ingenuity, you can usually find a place to 'hang out'.

We have assembled kits comprising all you'll need to hang almost any hammock in almost any situation - large screw hooks to anchor into fence posts or equivalent, two 8 foot lengths of braided nylon rope and two pieces of hardwood dowel to act as supports for the end loops of the hammock and prevent unnecessary wear.

We have two separate kits for hanging the chair hammocks, one of which is included with the purchase:

(1) An 8-foot length of braided nylon rope plus snap-link (for suspending from tree branch, swing set, sail boat, exposed beam).

(2) A 5/16th inch diameter screw hook, S-hook and length of chromed chain (for hanging the chair from a ceiling joist in the house or on the deck).

hammock backpacking pole
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