Traditional Mayan Hammock  
The best hammocks in Mexico are woven in the villages circling the city of Merida in the state of Yucatan. They are traditionally woven with a thin gauge cotton thread using an upright loom and a shuttle. They come in various sizes - single, double and family size. The largest of these require several kilometers of thread and up to a week to weave. They are all the same length, and require approximately 3.5 meters (12 feet) between the two anchor points. The sizing is in the WIDTH of the hammock, since these hammocks are meant to be used by lying either DIAGONALLY, or ACROSS the weaving, rather than from end to end. That way, you are using your body to spread the net, resulting in a flatter, more stable and more comfortable rest.

We have a full range of traditional hammocks
Mayan weave (thin gauge) in nylon or cotton (shown above)
Three sizes - single, double and family.

Thicker Guage Thread Hammock Fair Trade federation Member
Thicker Gauge Thread Hammocks (shown above)
These traditional style hammocks are made especially for us by our weavers in the Yucatan, using a thicker gauge of thread more traditionally seen in hammocks originating in Central or South America. It is a more open weave than our Mayan range, and is available in cotton or nylon.
Two sizes - double and family.
Cotton Nicaraguan Hammock  
Nicaraguan hammocks (shown above)
These cotton hammocks are woven from the thicker gauge cotton thread and are available in either natural unbleached cotton or in multi-colored stripes. All have elaborate crochet fringes running the length of the net.
Single size only.
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